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February 10, 2012

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January 23, 2012

This morning dawned a beautiful day, just like all the other days. Blue sky, cold, but pretty. By 9:30, it was snowing! This happens down here, but it is usually prefaced by clouds of some kind!

Melody practically lived out there today, coming in to warm up then begging me 20 min later to help her dress up again so she could go play. It was really funny. Lily got into the spirit, pulling her coat around behind her all day, begging to go out. I caved a few times, but the first fall into the snow always sent the two of us back inside to warm up her face. I mean really, I can’t blame her, every time she fell it gave her a face full of snow… The first sojurn into the snow with her though, was just magical. It was the first time she had been able to play in snow and remember it. Adorable!

A few pictures:


Lily was so happy to be out there, she kept clapping and shouting “YAY!”


Melody loves to eat snow… I know, horrible parent that I am, I let her. She was well hydrated today, she kept telling me that snow was yummy.


Lily tried to keep up with Melody, but she just couldn’t do it! She would stand there as Melody would run by, then about 10 seconds later Lily would try to follow in that direction. By then, of course, Melody was clear across the yard. I give Lily an A for effort though!

This evening, we went out and made a snowman as a family. By the time we finished though, it was dark, so I suppose pictures will follow of him tomorrow. Awesome day though, even though I hate to drive in it, and I really hate to be cold in any way, snow can just be magical.


A week of awesome

January 4, 2012

We thought we were stuck at home this Christmas. We planned on building shelving in our garage so we could actually move around in there again. On Christmas eve however, Dave and I decided that building shelves was actually a lame way to spend the holidays. So, the next day, after church and presents, we would drive up to his parents house 7-8 hours away and surprise them. 

Then we stayed up till 3:30 a.m. getting things ready for Christmas morning. Wow, that was painful. A quick little aside though, Lily of the awesome did something so incredibly funny during our Christmas service at Church. The primary (all the children ages 3-12) were up at the front singing a few songs. Michelle happens to be her favorite word at the moment… anyway, Lily had escaped Dave’s clutches into the isle… the perfect combination for what happened next. In between songs, Lily looked up at Michelle (seeing her for the first time), and sang out at the top of her lungs “SHEEEEELLLLLL!” it was so drawn out and loud! Thankfully everyone just snickered while I hid my head in shame…

So back to the trip. We started driving, and 25 min up the road, I suddenly realized that my pillow and fleece jacket were not in my lap where they belonged… I had left them on top of the car! I told Dave to turn around, but he being so tired said “we’ll just buy you another pillow at my parents house”. Now, me being just as tired exclaimed how it was my favorite pillow ever (it’s really comfy) and that I got my fleece on an unbeatable sale at Old Navy, and we could never afford it again unless it went on sale again… so I did the only sensible thing that my 2 1/2 hours of sleep brain could do… I started crying, which made us turn around and go all the way back home, to find my things had fallen off the car exactly 3 houses from where we started. Awesome.

Other than that, the drive was great… the girls were awesome, Lily and Melody both took a good nap, while the rest of us listened to a great audio book from the Library. Showing up on the In-law’s doorstep though was priceless. We started singing “we wish you a merry christmas” ending instead of “and a happy new year”, we ended with “and we are right here”! I will remember the screaming from Dave’s mom for a very long time.

A week of awesome adventures (which unfortunately included the flu for both Dave and I) ensued. This post is getting way too long, so I will cut it here for now. It was a marvelous trip full of dutch oven dinners (made by us), and many happy giggles over Dominoes… good times. I am glad we went north for the week. Definitely worth the trip.


The Help

December 15, 2011

Last night, Dave and I watched “The Help”. I have not read the book, and I avoided the movie because of all the hype surrounding it. I didn’t want to jump onto the bandwagon as it were. I do just have to say that I found the movie delightful. I expected a very heavy feel because of the subject matter, but I found that we laughed more than we cried. Well, to be fair, I cried. Dave the studly man didn’t, but it pulled at my heart.

I am so thankful that I live in the time that I do. I am thankful that I was not raised by anyone but my oh so caring mother. As much as the children loved their “Nannies”, I feel they needed their mothers more. I would love someone to do all the cleaning and laundry for me, but that is just because I don’t enjoy that part of being a domestic goddess :-). I would refuse to hire someone to raise my babies. Sometimes when Melody’s big brown eyes look up at me with complete trust and adoration I wonder how anyone could choose to have someone else raise their kids so they can run around playing bridge and going out to lunch… what did those women do all day, every day anyway?! I would rather play hide-and-seek!

“The Help” made me think, it made me laugh, and it made me cry. I am glad I watched it…


No More!

December 12, 2011

Yesterday at church, I found out that a dear friend of mine died on Thursday. I have known this wonderful woman since moving down south here, I will miss her. I am done with loss, I feel like my emotions are on a roller coaster ride and I am ready to get off! 

Instead I get to go to another Funeral on Tuesday. I will miss you Lori, you are gone from us too soon. Please everyone, stay safe and stay healthy. I don’t want to mourn any more.


Excitement comes in small packages

December 7, 2011

This Christmas season, we have been working pretty hard at trying to enjoy the season. We do little projects every day to attempt to be happy as a family. As many of you know, my parents are serving a mission for my church in Uganda, Africa. We aren’t sending a care package this year for Christmas, it is way too expensive (over $100 to send 5 pounds gah!), and we were able to see them just over a month ago, even if the circumstances stunk. Anyway, so this morning, my mom sent an email out to all of us…

“If any grandchildren would like to work for their parents and donate some money we will give gifts to some children from them.  A few dollars translates into a lot here.  Have the children put the money in an envelope to give to us when we return, and tell us how much to spend.  What fun.”

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this idea! I was given some extra work making Christmas Cards, so I have a little extra cash. I now know exactly what we are doing with some of it. I am sure my kids will jump on board, carry extra firewood for a quarter? Pick up the extra toys in your room? Empty the small garbage cans? I think that they will be excited at the idea of helping out the Ugandan children who have so little. My mom has frequently seen the children playing with an old tire and a stick for lack of anything else… imagine the surprise on Christmas morning when a little girl gets a doll from my daughter… To lose myself in service projects, that is what I need. I just know it.



November 19, 2011

Someone in my town died this week. I don’t know who it is but I am sure I will find out eventually. I hope it wasn’t anyone I really know, but in a town this size you kind of know everyone. Well, almost. There is still that creepy guy who walks his ugly terrier sized dog around the neighborhood. I don’t know his name, and really I don’t want to know his name. He is creepy.

So back to the death. Someone. We live down the street from a Mortuary. The people that run it are so very nice and I have enjoyed talking with them. Till yesterday when I drove by on our way somewhere and I saw a whole lot of cars in the parking lot. It brought back too many painful memories that I am trying really hard to forget. Today though, as we drove by the church (its at the end of my street too), the parking lot was full and I saw the hearse outside. I almost started bawling. I have something in common with someone in my town. I am sure I will hear through the grapevine soon, but really I would rather not. Someone else is gone, Someone else’s family will be trying to move on in life.  For now, I guess I will just say it here, I am so sorry dear Someone. So, so sorry.