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December 16, 2008

Those of you who live north of me have my full permission to mock. Remember that I was raised in snow, I know how this stuff works. I know that every single winter, there would be a foot or more to deal with. I even lived in Rigby Idaho for three years, enduring some of the coldest weather imaginable. (Yes Karen, you may mock that statement too 😉 Ontario is most definitely colder than Idaho).

My kids on the other hand, barely remember Rigby. I am almost shocked each time I realize that my girls don’t have the foggiest memory about what it is like to live with snow. Yesterday, it snowed pretty much all day long. By 10 pm, we had a whopping 3.5 inches in the yard (yes I actually went out and measured it). This morning, we woke to three more inches! My poor girls wanted to go right out and play, but we reminded them that they had to go to school and the time to play in snow is after they get home. There was much weeping and wailing, but it bought me time to find their old snow gear that I know is somewhere in a box within the depths of the garage.

The forcast says that it will likely snow until Thursday, I can’t wait to see how much we end up with. And for that matter, I would like to know how long it will actually stay around. Copper (my golden retriever), remembers snow, loves snow, and acts like a newborn puppy each time I open the door and let him out. Poor Phnarph (my corgi), has to bulldoze up to his chest each time he steps out. I will try for some pictures later on.

Right now though, I am tempted to wait for the plow to come through, then go buy a snow shovel. We left ours in Idaho when we moved…


Question of the day

February 5, 2008

Why is it that even though I live in a very dry desert, I have ice coating the INSIDE of my windows? Why do I have snow on the ground that will not leave even when the sun is shining up bright in the sky?

Do I have to move further south to get away from the cold?!



July 20, 2007

For quite some time, Sultry Husband and I have talked about how boring the weather forecasters must be with our southwestern forecasts. “Yes, it will be sunny and hot today.”We were actually starting to forget what clouds even looked like. While we lived in Idaho we would get some of the most amazing cloud formations over those great planes.

A few days ago, the monsoon season actually decided to drop in for a visit. Two days in a row it would be hot and sunny all day long, but by evening the winds would pick up and the heavens would let loose with a mighty but fast torrent of rain. The lightning was within a mile or two of the house. The girls were scared with the huge and loud Ka-boom’s till we talked about counting after the flash to find out how close it was. It became a fun game for them.

The next morning you couldn’t even tell that it had rained the night before. The ground here is so parched that any drop that falls is immediately sucked deep into the sandy soil. I havent’ seen a storm like this since we left Phoenix. Fast, furious, and immensely beautiful.