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Nine years

July 31, 2008

Tonight, Sultry Husband and M’s musical opens. Beauty and the Beast really has become amazing. They have worked so hard, and SH as Gaston… let me just say, Wow. Amazing. I had forgotten how good he is at acting and belt singing. He fills the auditorium with his voice, and is one of the only actors who doesn’t need a microphone but has one just in case.

The other item of note today is that it has officially been nine years to the day that Sultry Husband and I got married. Wow, where has the time gone? I love that it feels like it was just yesterday that we were married, but we are much closer now than we were then. Things change so quickly, yet stay so comfortable and the same. At our wedding, we claimed that “our song” was a song from the Tarzan soundtrack. Neither of us were truly sold on the song, but we knew that we had to have one that was “ours”.

Through the years, our choice has changed over and over again. Finally, a little over a month ago, we found our true song. SH found it, and we both just felt it. At the time, I was still pregnant, and thus hormonal and I cried. It just fits. I also don’t usually like the play list features that many people have on their blogs right now, mostly because it forces me to listen. Not that I don’t want to listen, but give me the choice! Anyway, just for today I am placing one on my blog so if you would like to listen to “our song” you can. It is by Jason Mraz, titled “Lucky”. Oh, and I didn’t want to force anyone to listen, so if you are interested, click on “pop out player” and it will open another window with the song…

Since last July 31st, we have had many things change in our lives. The least of all being our new little one Princess Peanut. What a fabulous way to celebrate our nine years than with a beautiful new baby girl.

I truly am “Lucky”, and incredibly blessed.


My Day

November 28, 2007

Much happened today, yet none of it would interest you. I had such a busy day, starting with teaching my class this morning… been there, told you about that before. Ok, moving on. I came home from class, cleaned my room a bit, then taught three back to back violin lessons. Man was that hard. Seriously, ever try focusing on three kids that are not yours right in a row? When you are very tired, can’t focus, and definitely can’t stop coughing? Not easy.

I know, you are enthralled with my day so far. Alright, so where were we? Ah yes, eleven o’clock. That was when I rushed to get L ready to go, ran out the door, went to the bank, then met Sultry Husband at the sanctuary to take some pictures of animals. That part was actually pretty cool, but I can’t tell you about it because I refuse to scoop my own husband 😉 The stories we covered today will post in a few weeks, I will tell you then hehe.

Well, maybe just one little thing. Ever try to take a picture of a pot bellied pig doing something he doesn’t want to do? Trying to re-capture a moment in time that was amusing, yet being unable to do so? Well, that was my afternoon. After that, I ran home in time for M to get off the bus, taught a few more lessons, and made dinner.

So, can you tell me where I can get a post out of that? Oh wait, I did.

Bored yet? I am… NaBloPoMo


A great day

November 24, 2007

Today was a great day. We met Karen at Zion National Park. Man did we have fun. Karen, her husband, and I spent the day taking pictures of anything that hit our fancy. My girls ran around, and Sultry Husband made for a very handsome driver. We hiked a little, I pretended to be a tour guide (I know that park quite well), but most of all we took pictures. I asked questions, and got some great answers.

I learned how I could better photograph a cliff and not blow out or make the sky too bright. I learned that by slowing down my apeture (yes I know I spelled that wrong, and no I don’t know the correct spelling), I can make water stand still. I learned so much just by watching the two masters at work. Sometimes I would see Karen go after a particular shot, and I would think to try it as well. She has a great eye for composition. I know that I got some great shots, my kids were happy all day, and I got to see a good friend. Man it was fun.

I think that the only downer to the day was when L had an accident. It really was my fault, for one I forgot to have her go before we started down the trail, and two I forgot to bring a change of clothes for her. I felt so bad, but we were thankfully done with most of our wandering by then, so it wasn’t so bad that she was wrapped in a blanket in the back seat…

Over all, a very great day.




November 5, 2007

Months ago I threw away my “good” vacuum. It constantly clogged. I have to vacuum every single day to keep up with my kids and the dogs. My Mom took pity on me and gave me a small blue vacuum which didn’t clog as often, but when it did, wow oh wow. It would take me an hour to clean it out. I used it for a while, happily because I wasn’t using my green beast that would clog every thirty seconds. Then, the inevitable happened, a wheel fell off. I tried to fix it, but ended up pushing it back on over and over while I attempted to keep my carpets clean. Eventually SH just pulled both wheels off and we “slid” the thing along the floor.

Last week, I reached a breaking point. I found myself only vacuuming once a week because I hated the pushing, shoving, and unclogging process so terribly. I broke down and complained to Sultry Husband. Our house didn’t look clean and I know that it all came from the fact that without the wheels, little blue just couldn’t keep up.

SH went into the office, got online, checked the consumer reports on several different sites, and finally bought me a new vacuum.

It came today. It is self propelled. It picked up dirt that I have been looking at for a month. Little blue just couldn’t get the red dirt out of all of the carpet places where L dumped it. Best of all, the hose attachment is see through! If it does clog, I will know exactly where the problem is and how to get it out because I can see!

That my friends, is heaven. Pathetic I know, but heaven just the same.

Still going strong with Naploblomo


The weekend actually came.

October 29, 2007

We kept telling each other that no matter what, the weekend would come. Whether we finished on time, sold enough tickets, or flopped the weekend would come and we would be again free.

Time to back up a little. A few months ago, I was invited to join a “task force” or a board for my Symphony. I went to my first meeting, and they asked the question “where would you like to see the Symphony in three to five years?” Everyone started throwing out ideas on how we could grow, when I got this crazy idea. Before I even thought about it, I blurted out that we need a youth symphony. My director turned to me and asked if I would be willing to be in charge of such a group. Was I ever?!

With Halloween, the symphony decided to do a few fund-raisers to help pay for the scholarships we give our outgoing seniors and of course, my new symphony. We charged a cover price for our concert, we held a silent auction outside in the hall before the concert, and the best idea of all, we created a haunted house.

It was Sultry Husband’s idea, and I suggested it to the board. They loved the idea of a Haunted House, and we were more than happy to jump right in. We built things in our garage for over a month prior to the dates. We asked volunteers to come over on Saturday evenings to help out, a few would come, but it was mostly just SH and me.

As the dates of the Haunted House drew closer, we started to panic a bit because of our lack of help. SH mentioned this to his father, who jumped into his car and drove over 400 miles to help out. He stayed all week, and man did he ever help! I loved that he would do anything we asked. The best part was that I could send him home with my girls and I knew that they were in good hands, and being put to bed. SH and I had several nights when we were at the old barn past midnight, and one where we were there till 2 am, when I had to get up by 5:30 to teach. I don’t know if I have ever felt so run down and tired in my life. Add to all of that a sprained ankle (which is much better now, but still twinges if I step wrong), and you have a very difficult situation to say the least.

It was difficult to get our volunteers lined up to work in the Haunted House, but eventually we had enough bodies promised. Opening night came, and we finally put the finishing touches on everything about 10 minutes before we opened the doors. One prop broke just before, and we had to just do a semi fix for that night, but other than that- phew! Running the thing was just fun, I got to take the money and send in the groups. SH was the background man, there to make sure everything was in place and working. We had so much fun!

After taking out our original budget provided by the Symphony, we counted out the cash. I seriously felt like Scrooge with all the piles of money around me. We made around $1,500 for my youth symphony! I don’t know how far it will go once I start buying music and all that, but let me tell you I was jumping up and down in delight. We start up in January for sure now!

The best part of all though, was that the weekend actually came. We survived, and my life is now back to normal. Well, if you count the actual mountain of laundry waiting for me as normal anyway… I was too busy in the building and running of the Haunted House to take any pictures, but I will be staging it again just for my camera next week before we strike it all. I will share them as I take them 😉


On this day

July 31, 2007

On this day, eight years ago, I made many discoveries.  I remember my mom talking about the difference between an easy bride and a difficult bride.  I was determined to be the easy bride that would remember the day with fondness instead of disappointment.  It was magical, it was beautiful, but most of all it was mine.


I had been blessed with several sisters who became cosmetologists and thus, my hair was fabulous.  My make-up was fabulous.  I felt like a true queen for a day.  I couldn’t have been happier.


There is a funny story with this shot.   While we waited for the photographer, Sultry Husband pinched my behind.  I cried out in dismay, but then quickly said “oh wait! that’s legal now!” I about died when I heard the photographer chuckle.


The best part about being married in July was the flowers.  Beautiful pictures are much easier to capture on a day like that.  My mom and I made that bouquet, I still have it in a box somewhere…


The veil I was wearing in this picture was the very same one that each of my married sisters had worn.  Each of us styled our hair differently, but it was something we shared.  I chose to add the satin ribbon around the edges, but I knew where the tradition started.   I was part of something larger than myself.

I love you Sultry Husband.  Thank you for the best eight years of my life.  Never have I felt more joy than the time I spend with you.  Happy Anniversary!


Sultry Husband Rocks!

July 12, 2007

Sultry Husband had no sooner read my post than he started thinking of ways to make something happen.  That something came in the form of a friend to babysit and a drive to see HARRY POTTER!  YEA BABY!  Now I can participate in the discussions and I don’t have to avoid Karen’s site 😉

This has to be short because I got home in just enough time to get ready to leave for Symphony practice…  wish me luck!  I am driving uphill both ways, but at least it isn’t snowing.