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April 10, 2008

For a week now, I have had a desire to write. However, I would get here, turn on my internet then stare at the screen with it’s little blinky icon, then nuthin’. Sultry Husband calls it bloggers block. I say that I have just been in a slump. So, here I am writing just for the sake of writing.

Part of the problem admittedly is the fact that I am so worn out these days. As most of you know, the third trimester brings lack of sleep for most of us. I swear I am in the bathroom no less than 3 to 5 times a night. I find it hard to complain though, I am after all pregnant! And I am so very thankful for this pregnancy that all of the aches and pains that I go through seem minimal.

So, for those of you who actually want to hear about it, here is my pregnancy update. I swore that I wouldn’t let the baby take over the blog because many of you might become bored with that, but it has been long enough that an update is in order. A few months ago, I was told that I was not gaining enough weight. In fact, I had lost 26 pounds, and they were starting to worry about the baby getting enough calories or whatever. They did an ultrasound and said that she was doing fine, looking like she should and all that. But an order for a super high calorie diet was given. I happily started to add cheese to everything in sight. A month later, I went back to my doctor expecting to have gained 10 pounds or more. Instead they told me to go home, eat more cheese and add at least 4 glasses of milk. I had only gained 2 pounds. Never in my life have I ever eaten like this (6 to 8 small meals a day), and under normal circumstances I would be blowing up like a balloon. Instead I am finally starting to look pregnant. At 27 weeks, I am just now starting to poke out. How sick is that?!

I don’t know if I even mentioned here that my specialist put me on a drug called Heparin because of my past birth history. They want to prevent all clotting and thus, SH has been giving me two shots daily in my belly. They haven’t been too bad up till now, I just stare at the celling and search for my happy place as he jams the needle in. Now though, my stomach is starting to stretch and the skin is getting tighter there. The shots hurt! About 8 seconds of pure torture twice a day. Man is this kid gonna’ owe me big! (kidding of course, but sometimes it would be nice to keep a tab!) I know, I know all I do is “whine like a mule”.

In other news, did I tell you guys that I am doing another concerto this year? Well, it is a double concerto (basically I am one of two soloists instead of by myself. It can be much more complicated and thus more difficult for the soloists who then have to know not only their entrances but that of their partner as well). Anyway, I committed to this last September. BEFORE I became pregnant and extremely sick. So, what does that mean for me now? It means that I have struggled more with this concerto that should have been easier for me than last year. Finding the time and energy required has been a chore. But, we are only one week away from performance night and I am totally excited. We are doing Mozart’s Symphonie Concertante for any of you who would wish to look it up.

There you have it, I am very busy right now. Tired, well exhausted really, but excited too. Many things are changing in my life and I feel ready and excited for all of them. Especially this little girl that is coming soon.


Do I exist?

January 29, 2008

We all know the old saying,

“if a tree fell in the woods, and no one heard it, did it really make a sound?”

I find myself wondering, if I comment on others blogs but don’t write on my own do I exist? Well, that sounds a little morbid, I meant do I exist in the blog world. I read everyone else’s stuff, I just can’t pull my fragmented and very pregnant brain together long enough to form a cognisent word. There I go, I can’t even remember how to spell cognizent. Both of those were wrong. Now I have to wonder if I even want to bother looking it up or if I should just erase the last two sentences and try a smaller word that I can remember.  Cognizant. There, I looked it up. Sultry Husband will be so proud.

Much has happened in my world, not all of it boring. Most times when I don’t write for a while it is because I think that I will sound boring or trite. There I go again, picking a big word… Some of my goings on have been medical and well- gross. So I will spare you any details. Others are stuff like the freak ice/snow storm that has left our roads in the state I last left Rigby, makes me wish for the summer to return.  Bleh, see what I have been reduced to? I am talking about the weather! I was just do determined to write today. I couldn’t allow my silence to go on any longer it was depressing.

Ok, so people I am pretty sure I exist in the bloggosphere. I do wonder if you have all forgotten me in my sort of absence. I have been reading your stuff, oh wait I said that already didn’t I… there I go again. I blame the parasite growing ever so beautifully within me. Ha! I got one more big word in there, maybe my brain isn’t as gone as I previously thought. But then if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t have to rejoice in my big words, I would just let them be there all happy and large.



November 13, 2007

Ever wonder what would happen to a 7 foot tall pile of weeds if you threw a little gasoline on it, followed by one match?

Totally. Freaking. Awesome. That’s what! But then I was always a pyro-maniac in my younger days. Our maintenance guy came over yesterday to see why we had complained about the yard. I usually wait to call them over anything, see if I can fix it myself or whatever. Anyway, the weeds were killing us. They were the extra poky kind. Basically what made us actually call them was when L fell into one of the poky bushes and ended up with stickers all over her body, poor thing.

So, back to the story. Our super cool maintenance guy came over and started piling up the weed bushes after he raked em out of the yard. We ended up with 5 piles, one of which was probably between 6 and 7 feet tall. (Now can someone tell me why I suddenly have Beevus and Butthead stuck in my head? he he fire… he he) I would not personally have doused the thing in gas, but the maintenance guy was in charge, we just ran the hose in case there was a problem.

Seriously from 10 feet away, you could still feel the heat as it exploded. Yes my friends, I did say exploded. Half the huge pile just melted away within seconds. He is coming back tomorrow to finish the job off. I will surly be dreaming of that Woosh!




November 5, 2007

Months ago I threw away my “good” vacuum. It constantly clogged. I have to vacuum every single day to keep up with my kids and the dogs. My Mom took pity on me and gave me a small blue vacuum which didn’t clog as often, but when it did, wow oh wow. It would take me an hour to clean it out. I used it for a while, happily because I wasn’t using my green beast that would clog every thirty seconds. Then, the inevitable happened, a wheel fell off. I tried to fix it, but ended up pushing it back on over and over while I attempted to keep my carpets clean. Eventually SH just pulled both wheels off and we “slid” the thing along the floor.

Last week, I reached a breaking point. I found myself only vacuuming once a week because I hated the pushing, shoving, and unclogging process so terribly. I broke down and complained to Sultry Husband. Our house didn’t look clean and I know that it all came from the fact that without the wheels, little blue just couldn’t keep up.

SH went into the office, got online, checked the consumer reports on several different sites, and finally bought me a new vacuum.

It came today. It is self propelled. It picked up dirt that I have been looking at for a month. Little blue just couldn’t get the red dirt out of all of the carpet places where L dumped it. Best of all, the hose attachment is see through! If it does clog, I will know exactly where the problem is and how to get it out because I can see!

That my friends, is heaven. Pathetic I know, but heaven just the same.

Still going strong with Naploblomo


Going… Going…

March 18, 2007


 We got an offer on our Idaho house finally!  They offered way lower than our asking price, so we put in a counter-offer, and as you can tell, they took it!  WHOO HOO!  No more double bills!

The people even want to push for a  fast closing, they hope to move in by April 10th, so YAY!  I have heard of a few people going under contract with a house and then it not working out, but I really hope that it isn’t the case here, we really need to offload the house.  The bank has already given the people the loan approval, so it won’t be a money thing if it falls through.

Our taxes also came in, so I am going to buy a good camera and join the world of photography.  Happy days are here again! 


Random Ramblings

February 27, 2007

I am basically one month away from my big concert.  We had a strings only rehearsal tonight so we could work out some of the more scary sections.  Not even half of the strings even bothered to show up.  Come on people, we want this to sound fabulous!


One of the other soloists asked me what I was planning to wear at the concert.  I described my dress (which happens to be the only formal gown I own that fits), it is navy blue with a pretty silver jacket.  She then went on to explain that if we wore anything but black, she would be stuck in a lime green prom dress.  We laughed together for a few minutes on that one, but in the end decided that she would look for another dress because we really don’t want to wear boring old black when we are the soloist!


Sultry Husband helped the girls plant some flowers a few weeks ago.  He told them that if they could remember to place them on their windowsill each morning and remove them each night, they would grow into beautiful flowers.  He also said that if they took wonderful care of them and they blossomed, he would give them each $10.  M has already picked out exactly what she wants to spend the money on.  L doesn’t quite understand money yet, but she loves growing things. L’s pot has five sprouts already, while M’s pot only has two.  M is very distraught and started crying today, saying that she wants L’s pot because she will get the money and not M.  It took us about a half an hour to assure her that she would still get the reward even if L’s pot grew more flowers.


I asked the girls what they wanted to be when they grew up.  M stated that she wanted to be someone who designs video games so she could make more levels for Banjo Kazooie (a somewhat simple game on N64).  L thought long and hard before answering.  She said “I want to be a girl who grows flowers and loves her garden.”  How sweet is that?!  This included zero prompting from us, she just quietly told us all about the flowers that she will grow in her garden someday. 


Sultry Husband has his first official book signing next month.  How cool is that?!