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A new life

June 20, 2008

Last monday, as all of you know, I had a doctor’s appointment. It was there that they discovered that my amniotic fluid had dropped to unsafe levels again, and it was apparent that the baby would do better outside of my body than in. I was immediately admitted to the hospital, and thus I must appologize to you my friends for the lack of information. I truly appreciate my brother for giving some of you the head’s up, and we are indeed doing well.

I was discharged from the hospital today, but Princess Peanut (great name eh?) was only 4 pounds 1 ounce and thus had to be admitted to the NICU. This time though, there is no fear for the baby, she eats like a pro and doesn’t have a single problem. The only thing we are waiting for now is PP to gain weight. Technically she is supposed to be 4.5 pounds  before leaving the NICU, but thankfully the doctor isn’t going to make us wait that long for PP to come home. It looks like she can go home monday sometime. I am “boarding” in the hospital a floor above the NICU and I go down to feed her whenever she needs me. I can spend all the time in the world there and the doctors are extremely helpful and caring.

The best thing of all will be when PP and I get to go home together. We are praying that it will be Monday sometime. i have pictures to share, and I will pro bably find time tomorrow or something to download them. I admit that I am frustrated with the fact that SH’s laptop that I am using doesn’t have photo software and thus anything I put up will not be sized right or have the coloring and filters I like. But I don’t think that you guys should have to wait till monday or later to see this perfect little princess.

To give a quick little description of her. She is definitely small, but she acts like any other baby. She has long beautiful fingers just like her older sisters, I assume that her eyes will be brown like mine as they are very dark now. The best part of all though, is that she has a full head of dark hair. It spikes out all over her head and is at least an inch long in all places. She is a perfect and beautiful girl who I can’t wait to have home with me!


Not Today

June 11, 2008

The results of the amniocentesis yesterday were not good. Basically, the little one is not ready because her lungs are definitely not mature. I have to admit though, that the test was one of the most uncomfortable moments of my life. It hurt, and was completely unpleasant.

Afterwards came the roller coaster. I started contractions! Not good for someone of my history, so they sent me over to Labor and Delivery for monitoring. We were there, not knowing much of anything really for several hours. They wouldn’t let me eat in case they had to deliver anyway, so I was starving to death on top of everything else. They gave me some medication that stopped the contractions, but took it’s own sweet time doing it, so we weren’t sent home till about 10:30. A neighbor had our kids for the day, and we had talked to them about keeping them over night because it was just too late for SH to drive the 90 min back to our house.

This morning, they had me in for a routine fluid check, there was plenty in there. Almost like taking some of it yesterday helped the baby know to make more. She totally replenished the supply. I am still on strict bed rest, but it looks like it will be at least a week before the delivery. As always though, the doctors say that if my levels fall or the baby starts to decline, we will deliver immediately. Living in the heightened state of anticipation all the time is really starting to wear thin. Today, I find that I only have the  energy to lie here and stare at the computer. Thank goodness for which is letting me get reaquainted with old TV shows from my childhood…


The schedule of things

June 9, 2008

The doctor visit today was pretty routine. They checked the fluid around the baby, and it is still holding steady with the bed rest. That is good news. The little one is also kicking like a pro, very active, so they say that we are on track for the amniocentisis tomorrow. Basically, that means that they are about to insert a very huge, long needle into my belly to draw out a little of the fluid. This will tell them exactly how mature the babies lungs are. If they are mature enough, we will then deliver on Wednesday afternoon. If by chance, her lungs are not ready, it is back to bed for another week or until I have a low fluid reading, whichever comes first.

I am really hoping that her lungs are ready. I am praying for it actually. I want her to be ready and I also want to feel whole again. I get to see the girls every couple of days, but only for a few hours, which kills me. I only see SH for the same amount of time, but at least I get to chat with him over the internet, and phone calls are nice as well. Still, it isn’t the same as living with my family. My sister and her room mate have been gracious, but I am ready to get out of their hair.

There you have it, the schedule of things. I will keep ya’ll in the loop as much as I can. Obviously I will be able to write again tomorrow night with the test results and the definite schedule. Let us all pray that this little girl is ready to meet the world!


Tales from my bed.

June 4, 2008

Anyone ever wanted to do nothing for a day? I am definitely one of those people. I would dream of a day when I could do nothing but lay around in bed and watch old movies or read a book. Responsibility always knocks on the door though and ruins the dream of the couch potato life. Till now of course.

I am still on full and complete bed rest, ordered by my doctor. Thankfully my numbers are looking steady, and they are thinking that we might make it to next wednesday (June 11) for delivery. Let’s hope the baby is ready by then, I am kinda tired of this bed stuff. I mean, don’t get me wrong it is fun to have no responsibility for once, but at the end of the day, as I look back at what I accomplished, I often feel like I did nothing. Well, I guess I am growing a baby, which I am told by everyone is my primary responsibility right now.

On the up side though, I have read three books, watched a bunch of  movies, and worked my way through the entire season 4 of CSI (my sister’s room-mate had it on the shelf). After a full day of being alone though, I tend to feel… you guessed it, lonely. I have my sister’s laptop computer, so I find that I check all of my favorite blogs 12.4 times a day just to see if ya’ll have updated. So, if your visitor stats have jumped, don’t worry, it’s only little ole’ me lurking around trying to feel connected. 😉


Baby News

May 28, 2008

I got some news at the doctor yesterday that was not completely welcome. Our first daughter, M was born extremely premature, and because of that history and the news we got yesterday, we found out that the new baby will possibly be coming earier than even anticipated.

I am now on strict bed rest, I can’t travel and thus I am staying with my sister in town till the baby is born. Hopefully, with the precautions and efforts we are making now, we can keep her inside till mid June. I am not actually “due” till July, but we were already planning to take her a month or so early, so now we are in the wait and see mode.

Extra prayers are always welcome…



May 1, 2008

Sometimes I am amazed by how and when they hit. Or by the sheer force that they place on my will and if my emotions have anything to say about it, my happiness. What is this secret thing that seems to dominate my every thought, my every feeling? One word people. Cravings. With M, it was fresh pineapple. Sultry Husband had to carve up one a week at least. I also wanted fresh fruit in many varieties, and thankfully we were living with his parents in California for that summer, so I had access to all kinds of fresh produce. Strawberries, Water Mellon, Peaches, mmmmmmmm. I am giving myself another craving here. My second pregnancy was a bit different, we lived in three different states during my third trimester alone, so it was sometimes harder to curb and satisfy my desires. The big one, Olive Garden’s Pasta Frigole soup.

With my new baby, for one thing I can’t decide what to call her here because her name will also start with M. I don’t want to call her M2, so I may go by another initial or perhaps a cute phrase like Heather’s Boy Blue. Anyway lets away from my pregnant brain for a moment and talk about the cravings here. The strange thing is that with M and L it was the same food item for weeks or even months. With this one, it is something different almost every day. Two days ago, I was in a doctor’s office and smelled the lunch of some of the nurses. They had those really tasty taco salads with the shredded beef and all the stuff in a giant taco bowl… I can’t stop thinking about it, but there is seriously nowhere in my town to buy one. I would have to drive all the way to St. George for it, which doesn’t sound all that horrible to me at the moment, because I would have my taco salad dangit!

Yesterday I saw a commercial for seafood. Blech. But the colors reminded me of these tasty calzones that a local restaurant makes but cost way too much. We rarely go there, but last night. SH came in with a bag of popcorn and a movie, offering to share, and all I could say was “That isn’t a calzone.” I can’t think of anything in this world that I want more than a tasty, flaky, cheese stuffed, pizza like substance. I wish I could just turn off these urges, I mean, I know that the second I eat it I will be satisfied, but ten minutes later I will be desiring something else. The urges are much stronger this go around, when tasty food is much harder to come by and I have to prepare a menu two weeks in advance for what I want to make for dinner so we can get all of our groceries at Walmart and save money. How am I supposed to predict myself that far in advance? These days I look at my menu and groan because I know what I should be making and I want nothing to do with it. Then my emotional self takes over and I go cry over the missing calzone. A few months ago it was a Bloomin’ Onion from the Texas Roadhouse, I had to have one or I would go mad.

Please is there someone out there who can save me from myself? These cravings that I can’t/won’t allow myself to satisfy because of cost, location, or whatever are driving me crazy. Can cravings be controlled without giving into my every silly whim? On the upside though, my birthday is tomorrow and SH is taking me out this afternoon for a birthday lunch because he will have to be out of town on my birthday. Know where he is taking me? For calzones.



April 10, 2008

For a week now, I have had a desire to write. However, I would get here, turn on my internet then stare at the screen with it’s little blinky icon, then nuthin’. Sultry Husband calls it bloggers block. I say that I have just been in a slump. So, here I am writing just for the sake of writing.

Part of the problem admittedly is the fact that I am so worn out these days. As most of you know, the third trimester brings lack of sleep for most of us. I swear I am in the bathroom no less than 3 to 5 times a night. I find it hard to complain though, I am after all pregnant! And I am so very thankful for this pregnancy that all of the aches and pains that I go through seem minimal.

So, for those of you who actually want to hear about it, here is my pregnancy update. I swore that I wouldn’t let the baby take over the blog because many of you might become bored with that, but it has been long enough that an update is in order. A few months ago, I was told that I was not gaining enough weight. In fact, I had lost 26 pounds, and they were starting to worry about the baby getting enough calories or whatever. They did an ultrasound and said that she was doing fine, looking like she should and all that. But an order for a super high calorie diet was given. I happily started to add cheese to everything in sight. A month later, I went back to my doctor expecting to have gained 10 pounds or more. Instead they told me to go home, eat more cheese and add at least 4 glasses of milk. I had only gained 2 pounds. Never in my life have I ever eaten like this (6 to 8 small meals a day), and under normal circumstances I would be blowing up like a balloon. Instead I am finally starting to look pregnant. At 27 weeks, I am just now starting to poke out. How sick is that?!

I don’t know if I even mentioned here that my specialist put me on a drug called Heparin because of my past birth history. They want to prevent all clotting and thus, SH has been giving me two shots daily in my belly. They haven’t been too bad up till now, I just stare at the celling and search for my happy place as he jams the needle in. Now though, my stomach is starting to stretch and the skin is getting tighter there. The shots hurt! About 8 seconds of pure torture twice a day. Man is this kid gonna’ owe me big! (kidding of course, but sometimes it would be nice to keep a tab!) I know, I know all I do is “whine like a mule”.

In other news, did I tell you guys that I am doing another concerto this year? Well, it is a double concerto (basically I am one of two soloists instead of by myself. It can be much more complicated and thus more difficult for the soloists who then have to know not only their entrances but that of their partner as well). Anyway, I committed to this last September. BEFORE I became pregnant and extremely sick. So, what does that mean for me now? It means that I have struggled more with this concerto that should have been easier for me than last year. Finding the time and energy required has been a chore. But, we are only one week away from performance night and I am totally excited. We are doing Mozart’s Symphonie Concertante for any of you who would wish to look it up.

There you have it, I am very busy right now. Tired, well exhausted really, but excited too. Many things are changing in my life and I feel ready and excited for all of them. Especially this little girl that is coming soon.