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June 16, 2009

My dear Princess Peanut is one today! As I look back on this year, I truly can’t believe it has been that long. It seems like only yesterday that I would catch her napping in her bouncy seat. That she wanted to be wrapped up as tight as could be.


Then I look through my pictures of her. I find that she really did grow up slowly. She smiled by September. She was still such a skinny little thing, but that smile captured our hearts.

A baby's smile transforms her face

A baby's smile transforms her face

As she continued to grow, that smile grew with her. That personality that couldn’t be a more perfect fit for our little family.


By Christmas her little cheeks were filling out, she was getting chunky, and she finally started sleeping more.


By 8 months, I noticed how like her older sister she looks. It is funny how we all just seem to mesh. Our lives were not complete without this glorious little girl.

Sisters 8 months

One of my favorite memories is always the first spaghetti. There is something magical about that orange substance.


Then came hiking. We rediscovered Zion this spring and early summer. We have gone over and over again. Punkin’ loves the backpack.


As we returned from one of our hikes, we had to get on a bus that takes us back to our car. It can be quite busy and thus tight on the ride. Punkin’ was still in the backpack, but on Sultry Husband’s lap. She watched as strangers boarded the bus and held on to the bars provided. I watched as she reached out to hold one, looking up to see what these other people would do about it. That bar was her friend for the next 30 minutes.


And finally, one of my favorites. Punkin’ used to be content to be surrounded by her toys. Now, she wants nothing more than to explore and find new and glorious things to create mischief with. She loves to “find” us as we call to her. This last picture shows her wonderful personality and the excitement she feels when she find’s us.


Happy Birthday little one, you are a welcome addition to our family. We couldn’t imagine our lives without you.



April 15, 2009

I have always adored the first year. So many new things to try, developments in personality, and my personal favorite has always been the first time my babies try new foods.

Punkin has been growing like a weed the past few months. She is now 10 months old, sitting by herself, entertaining herself, sleeping mostly through the night, and bringing such joy into our home.

Last weekend she went camping for the first time. She did really well, but I am saving that story for when I finish editing the 250+ pictures I took (I am almost done I swear). Last night though, I captured one of my favorite moments. Punkin tried Spaghetti for the very first time. We took off all her clothes, strapped on a bib, piled some on her tray, and sat back to watch.

She seemed confused and even nervous at first. Touching with one finger, moving it around for awhile, then finally the magic moment happened. She placed one small noodle into her mouth. I wish I had the camera when that grin appeared, but I didn’t even think about it till she was double fisting the spaghetti into her mouth.


One word describes the scene: ADORABLE!



March 13, 2009

When the Punkin’ came home from the hospital, we felt it necessary to tell our older girls how fragile she was. Sultry Husband talked to them about it, and drew a comparison to an egg. He talked about the shell of an egg and how it was fragile and could be broken easily. I must admit that later on, when one of the girls was getting a little rough with Punkin’, SH yelled from across the house “She’s an egg, an egg, AN EGG!” I laughed for ages.

I thought for sure, as Punkin’ got a little older, the older siblings interest would wane a little. Not so. If anything, they are more interested in making her laugh and smile. I often have to pull L away because she gets a bit over bearing.

The other day, I started rummaging in my old picture files. Looking for anything I may have forgotten to use, and I ran across some pictures of L when she was Punkin’s age. Wow. I couldn’t believe the similarity. Yes, I know that they are sisters, but I swear they look like they could have been twins! Here they are…


L- 9 monthsL at 9 months

Can you see the difference? Slight though it may be… And now, just because I can’t resist my little bald smiley thing, a picture of M at 9 months to round things out. How could we ever question whether these three are sisters?



My favorite age.

March 10, 2009

When she was born, I told myself that this was my favorite age. I loved to snuggle with her, cuddle her, and just hold that newborn goodness.

A few months later, as she started to smile at us, I said, now this is my favorite age. We could interact, and she seemed to recognize us.

When she started sleeping mostly through the night, I said, this must be my favorite age. I felt more myself and things just felt magic. She began to keep the Binky in her mouth by herself and continued to develop and round out physically. Surely, things couldn’t get better than that.

At seven months, she began to kick and splash in the bath. Resulting in my feeling like I was taking a bath too. I was sure that seven months was my favorite age. She enjoyed the “Johnny Jump Up” and her swing was pure magic.

Now, at almost nine months, she is at my favorite age. She babbles and makes the beginning sounds of words. Rolling from one end of the living room to the other, I have to be careful about what is on the floor. Everything and anything ends up in her mouth. She screams with joy and kicks her feet when I come in the room. Such pure unadulterated happiness. Yet the words on her bib as she stuffs bread and cheerio’s into her mouth seem so true “Feed me, and I will let you sleep.”

Surely this is my favorite age.



The longest 2 minutes

December 24, 2008

After reading the Christmas Story, singing Christmas songs, reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas”, and setting out cookies and milk, we sent our children to bed.

Not even two minutes later, M came out of her room with a dejected look on her face. When asked what was the matter, she stated “I toss and I turn, but I just can’t go to sleep”.

Man it must be rough. I wonder what she can do in another four.


Rolling Around

December 20, 2008

I only have a second, but wanted to document and share a milestone. Princess Peanut rolled over for the first time yesterday! She seemed so surprised that she was suddenly facing the ceiling. We made her do it again and again just to make sure it wasn’t just a fluke.

The really cool part is that both SH and I were there for it. We were folding laundry on our bed, when we placed PP in the middle of the bed for some “tummy time”. She has been lifting her head up like a pro for a while, but never quite figured out the next step. I love it when we are both present for something cool. I had almost forgotten how much fun it is to celebrate our babies first steps in life. Our girls are definitely into all of that, they have been talking about Christmas and how this is PP’s first one.

We also started solid foods a little while back. The older two girls love to talk about new foods she tries. “Is this her first Peaches?” or whatever I am feeding her at the time. I almost want to say yes even if it isn’t just because they get so excited about first’s. Regardless, I am really enjoying having a baby in the house again. I love that the other two are old enough to enjoy her as well. I have two “helpers” who get just as excited about Princess Peanut. We are truly blessed.


When the seagull met the parrot

December 4, 2008

Princess Peanut has been growing up so fast! She is the cutest little chubby baby, and so mild mannered. We just can’t get enough of her. M and L love to play and shake her little fists around because she laughs every time.

A few weeks ago, PP started making some really funny noises. It isn’t a cry, it isn’t a laugh, it is something in between that sounds rather like a seagull. She makes these squawking noises when she is happy and content, but on her own. Usually they come from her bedroom early in the morning after a good night’s rest. Or, in the past few days, they have shown up with much more frequency. She calls out at about everything.

I know that I have talked before about Jasper our African Grey parrot. Jasper picks up many sounds that I wish she wouldn’t, including PP crying. Anyway, Jasper has started mimicking our little seagull. They even have conversations in seagull speak. Meaning that PP, once she hears anyone making her sounds, will start to giggle and make more seagull like sounds. Thus, Jasper and PP have a happy time talking to one another. It is actually quite entertaining to listen to. Both parrot and baby seem to enjoy themselves.

Now for some much needed photo’s. Monday night, we went up into the woods for a Christmas tree. About halfway there, I remembered that I forgot the measuring tape. Sultry Husband didn’t think this would be a problem, but I was afraid. It proved to be a problem to me but Sultry Husband wasn’t upset that once again we have a giant tree that dominates the house. My dining room table is now in the middle of the family room, and we have to duck branches as we enter the kitchen… of course he is in heaven while I threaten to cut off branches if I run into them one more time!

The three girls did really well while picking out our tree. M was determined to name it “Little Freddie” while L wanted to name the tree “Flower”.


We finally settled the problem by adopting both names… if you know my kids at all, you know that they were both excited as could be about sharing.


The little seagull loves to be lifted up into the air, it always brings big smiles and giggles. Even a squawk or two.


And finally, just because she is adorable in every way, one more shot of Princess Peanut (who isn’t such a peanut anymore). Happy Christmas Tree hunting everyone!