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The longest 2 minutes

December 24, 2008

After reading the Christmas Story, singing Christmas songs, reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas”, and setting out cookies and milk, we sent our children to bed.

Not even two minutes later, M came out of her room with a dejected look on her face. When asked what was the matter, she stated “I toss and I turn, but I just can’t go to sleep”.

Man it must be rough. I wonder what she can do in another four.


Better Late than Never

November 10, 2008

I had the energy last week to actually post a few of these photo’s over on Facebook, but after that I kinda crashed. I had to attempt to bring my house back from the brink of disaster. It looked like a tornado had come through. It still looks like half a tornado, but we are making progress.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of the Haunted Barn that we put on again this year. The money we made all goes to my little youth symphony, which makes me very happy. We can stay afloat for another year it looks like. I am posting them in the order they would have fallen in the layout of the barn…

The entrance was awesome this year
As you entered the haunt, we had a creepy guy pointing you in the right direction. He looked so real that he added to the anticipation of the haunt. We had many people asking who was “inside” the waylighter.

The first startle of the night was this guy, who actually proved quite problematic when it came to photos. He had flickering lights inside his head that looked like flames, and he was bathed in an eery green light. As you approached him, his head jumped straight out at you. We dubbed him “Mr. happy”

Just before this prop, we had one that proved too much for me to photograph. It was a creepy head that jumped out of a stump… This witch was used last year, but we put her in a different setting this time. She had a flickering orange glow inside her cauldron, and fog pouring out of it as she cackled at you… so creepy.

After the witch was a stage area that we “fenced” off. Behind the fence was a scene… An organ with keys that moved on their own, and a skeleton organist who’s head moved up and down, and his arms also moved on their own over the keys. These two props were the most difficult to create out of everything we did this year. We dubbed him “Mr. Pib” short for “Mr. Pain in the Butt”! It turned out better than we could have hoped, and we received many comments that it was the favorite effect in the haunt.


Beyond the organist, there was a priest and a flying skeleton. A very creepy scene that broke up the long stage. It was actually two scenes included in one. The fabrics we purchased this year really made this scene.

The graveyard is the only large area in the haunt. At the top of a giant “rock wall” there is a Grimm Reaper that stood over 8 feet tall. The effect was topped off with chilled fog rolling down


At the end of the Graveyard scene was a static prop on one side to distract the eyes. A static prop is one that looks really creepy but does nothing, just to throw you off. Make you jump at nothing…

Static Guy sm

Just after Static Guy was another startle prop we named Jumper, because he jumped up to about 7 feet straight up, moving his arms up at the same time.

Beyond the Jumper was a strobe light hall. This was my most effective place for actors to jump out and scare. We hung cloth strips from the roof of the hall, and flashed many strobe lights throughout. If the little kids made it this far, we usually got them in here… add a little more fog and you have a terrifying area.

The final turn takes us to “superman” we named him this because of the position of his hands, he held them out like superman did in the movies. He jumped up from hidden on the floor to a height taller than I am… he was actually our most effective startle prop.


After superman came the bats. They hung all around and from the ceiling. As you passed them, two of them jumped straight off the wall at you, just as a red flood light burst on. I love these guys, a very easy to build prop, yet quite effective.


The awesome bar near the back provided ample opportunities to frame up photo’s. This guy was named “Fred” by the kids in the Haunt.

Finally at the end of the Bar we found the “Thrasher”. He was half out of a red coffin. His head was on one motor going one way, and his arm was on another going the opposite. He looked like he was trying to escape the confines of his grave… so cool!


This was such a fun haunt. Next year, we would like more help, but then we always say that. Thanks for your patience in walking through this with me, it was fun to re-live it all with you, just by writing this mongo, huge post…



September 22, 2008

Sometimes I have to admit that I am amazed by my kids. Especially the oldest one. There is just something way cool about the first time something just hits you. For example, yesterday I had a severe chocolate craving. Knowing that I would need to make something to slate it, I invited the girls to help…

Me: “Who wants to help make cookies?” (said in a sing song voice)

Girls: [insert crickets chirping]

Me: “Really, no one wants to make cookies?”

Girls: [more crickets]

About this time I looked to see what they were doing. M was designing more of her famous “hug tickets” (she freely gives them out with a magic number on them, which you trade into her for hugs), while L was playing with her unicorns. Even though they were busy with worthwhile pursuits, I still knew they would enjoy helping with the cookies and they would regret not coming later on.

That was when I mentioned to Sultry Husband that I felt rather like the little red hen. M overheard my comment and suddenly it was cool to leave the hug tickets and come running. She said that she didn’t want me to ever feel like the little red hen who makes the bread all by herself and is lonely.

So sweet! Not only did I get my helpers, but I found out that she actually remembered the story and figured out from my little comment that I was unhappy. Then she decided that there was something she could do on her own to fix the situation. I was glad she did, the whole thing brought a smile to my face…


So Proud

August 14, 2008

I finally got the video of Beauty and the Beast back! Now I get to show off the mad skills of Sultry Husband. I think he was a rockin’ Gaston!

Of course, M was in the show too, and I may have to upload a portion that she was in, but I would probably have to somehow explain where she was because unless you know where to look (spoon in the middle or whatever) it is easy to miss. Needless to say, I am so proud of the effort and time my two actors put in!


African Grey

July 12, 2008

There is an African Grey parrot that SH learned about awhile back. The Grey enjoys mimicking his owners cell phone ring tones. Seriously, the owner has to change his ring tone every week at least or the parrot sends him running downstairs to get his phone over and over again. It only takes the parrot four or five days to learn the new ring tone. Once the owner does fall for his antics, the Grey then cackles like a madman because he won. Needless to say, African Grey parrots are very intelligent and mischievous.

Our African Grey, Jasper is no exception to this rule. She calls for SH and I in her best imitation of the girl’s voices. It is not uncommon to hear an innocent sounding “Mommy?” in the late evening. It confused my mom while she was here helping me with the new baby, sending her looking for the child that must have climbed out of bed. By the end of the week, Jasper was even calling for “Grandma”. We often have a chuckle or two about the things Jasper will say and do. One of our favorites, I must admit, is the belch. She also imitates the microwave, me chopping vegetables, and the answering machine. If the phone rings a few times it is not uncommon for Jasper to jump in with a “hello” or two.

As much fun as Jasper can be, I must admit that her newest imitation, while not unexpected, completely drives me insane. She has started crying like Princess Peanut. Ugh! It isn’t too bad when the baby is in her cradle in my room, or if I am holding her, but I do have the baby swing in the same room as Jasper. It is in our main family room, and if the baby is in the swing, sleeping away, Jasper finds it amusing to start crying. I know she does it for the response she gets from me, I come into the room and I admit that I glare at her… I should only have to deal with one baby!


Because I needed a laugh this morning.

December 18, 2007

I just played in the Messiah this last weekend. Rewarding, mostly. I have to gripe that Handel didn’t give any breaks to the lead instrumentalists in each section. Seriously, I play every single measure, but about 11. Which makes me exhausted by the end! My arms are still sore… Anyway, some friends of ours pointed out the funniest Youtube video. Well, it isn’t technically a video, it is just a black picture with background music. But, I laughed so hard that I cried. Which I guess isn’t all that hard for me to do these days. Stupid Pregnancy Hormones!


Time to spill the beans

December 8, 2007

We had thought to wait for Christmas to share this little bit of news with the world. However, my parents came to visit this weekend and I knew that my Mom would see right through me. Thus, we are sharing it early…

I am due on July 11th! That is right my friends, I am pregnant! I have waited for this for so long, we couldn’t be happier. I have already seen my doctor, and a specialist, who both assure me that things look fabulous.

The funny part is that when I was pregnant with M, I was hardly ever sick. Her pregnancy, as most of you know, was not normal and ended a bit scary. With L, I threw up for five months straight, and her pregnancy was totally normal. Now, whenever I feel sick or throw up, Sultry Husband cheers. I get no sympathy from that corner. Well, I do get some, but we are just so elated to have another normal-seeming pregnancy that it is hard not to cheer when I am sick. At least he makes me laugh.

So there you have it world, I am pregnant! I am shouting it from the rooftops, the time has come!