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We’re Done!

July 28, 2007

It is about time, it only took us till three in the morning.  We finished Harry Potter last night/this morning.  I am so excited!  I can now join in the discussions, well after a bit more sleep anyway, my head is pounding for the lack of it.

See ya’ll later!  Whoop!


Harry Potter

July 20, 2007

Just for those friends of mine who can’t read the Harry Potter book this weekend, I found a link for you.  It is the midnight reading of Book 7’s chapter 1!  JK Rowling put it up on the bloomsburry website.   It was quite fun to hear the first chapter this evening, and perhaps it will help hold your appetite till monday.

Long Live Harry Potter!


Last book countdown.

July 17, 2007

I can’t wait till the last Harry Potter book comes out this weekend!  I have it on pre-order from Amazon, where I am guaranteed that it will be here on Saturday.  However, I know the local UPS driver and he hasn’t been asked to work Saturday, so I am starting to get nervous.  If they send it through the regular mail as they did a few years ago, I will also be in trouble because my post office is not open on Saturdays, (Thank you yet again small town living).  They come in long enough to stuff the note in my box saying that I have a package, but I can’t pick it up that day no matter what.  I wonder if that little note in my box will count as delivery.  I would so rather have the book on Saturday than a free book on Monday.  But that’s me.

On to more pleasant things.  Karen in all of her awesomeness, found a newspaper article that fits with the Harry Potter countdown, so I am stealing it, pretending that it is a blog meme so as to join the fun.  Here goes:

1. How did you get into Harry Potter?

I had been married for almost a year when I finally decided to read Harry Potter. I had heard that my sister-in-law read it for a book club she was in. I then read about how many of the public libraries and schools were trying to ban the book from the shelves because it was inappropriate, which of course made it so we had to read it. Sultry husband bought the book for himself to read. At that time I had never read a fantasy book. He started reading the book on his own and he seemed to enjoy it so I stole it to try out a few chapters. I was hooked! We made the decision to read it out loud together instead of alone. That way we had the added bonus of not having to argue over whose turn it was to read. We have read each new HP book together. Well, up till book 6 where I stupidly said I wanted to read it on my own so I could read it faster. I majorly regretted that decision, so we are going back to the way things should have been. We are reading book 7 out loud again so we can savor the entire thing together.

2. How important is Harry Potter to literary and pop culture?

Harry Potter is changing pop culture completely in my opinion.  Reading is back in style, kids are excited about a literary character again.  I have also noticed an outbreak of young fantasy books on the shelves.  Others are joining the race and kids are only going to benefit from more material to get excited about.

3. Describe your favourite moment thus far.

After much discussion with SH over our favorite parts, I have decided that I loved when Dumbledore refused to bow down to the ministry of magic in book 5.  He says that he has no intention of coming quietly, and becomes a bit of a rebel because he believes in his cause.  The fact that he is powerful enough to escape to fight again another day.  It was completely surprising and out of character for Dumbledore, and thus my favorite moment.

4. What character do you most relate to, and why?

Truthfully, I relate to Ginny Weasley.  She was the younger sister, forgotten and ignored for so long.  Yet she was powerful and important in her own right.  I found myself rooting for her from book one when she couldn’t even speak to Harry.  I just enjoy rooting for the underdog.  Probably why I loved watching Harry squirm in book 6 while she was dating other guys. 

5. How do you think the series should end?

Harry needs to live and marry Ginny.  Ron and Hermionie need to get together finally.  Oh, and Voldemort needs to die by the hand of Harry and the gang. 


Sultry Husband Rocks!

July 12, 2007

Sultry Husband had no sooner read my post than he started thinking of ways to make something happen.  That something came in the form of a friend to babysit and a drive to see HARRY POTTER!  YEA BABY!  Now I can participate in the discussions and I don’t have to avoid Karen’s site 😉

This has to be short because I got home in just enough time to get ready to leave for Symphony practice…  wish me luck!  I am driving uphill both ways, but at least it isn’t snowing.


Feelin’ it.

July 12, 2007

I can typically tell myself that I love small town living. Most of the time I do anyway. I think about the ability to see more stars at night than I have ever seen in my life. It is quiet here. On any given day someone will probably ride right by my house on a horse. It forces me to be more frugal in my shopping (which is a very good thing) and consolidate my trips to the store to every two weeks. That part is a bit of a load off my shoulders, I only have to deal with Walmart on a bi-weekly basis, which for me is a very good thing.  I only have one traffic light in my entire world.  I am never stuck in a traffic jam at any given time of day.  I can go wherever I want whenever I want.  It takes longer to get there, but it is all open road in front of me instead of the red brake lights of death.

This week though, I am feeling the isolation. Harry Potter came out in the movie theaters and I can’t afford the 6 hour babysitter to venture out and indulge. This is the first time since they started making the movies that I was not sitting in line all day to get a great seat for the midnight showing of the movie. My friend in Idaho and I would go, it was a tradition. I hope that if she still went without me, that she at least thought about me while sitting out there.

It isn’t just the movie. As much as I would love to see it, missing out right now is pretty much just the straw that broke the camel’s back or whatever the saying is. My town library can’t keep up with my voracious reading appetite either. I thought that I solved this problem by joining a mail order book club. It is like Netflix but with books instead of movies. It has helped tremendously, till now that is. They had books one and two of a series I was interested in. I read them happily, but it was not until I finished book two and went to order the last one that I realized that the club does not have a copy of the third book. UGH! If I want to finish the story, I have to go buy the third book myself. My library is no help of course, but it would be a three hour round trip to find a bookstore that might possibly have it, but in all probability would not. Not to mention that purchasing that one book would cover the cost of my entire month’s subscription to the book club.

Stars, peace and quiet, horses, and open land compared to Harry Potter, all the books I want to read, and access to the world seems like quite the toss up right now. I will get over it eventually, I always have before.