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African Grey

July 12, 2008

There is an African Grey parrot that SH learned about awhile back. The Grey enjoys mimicking his owners cell phone ring tones. Seriously, the owner has to change his ring tone every week at least or the parrot sends him running downstairs to get his phone over and over again. It only takes the parrot four or five days to learn the new ring tone. Once the owner does fall for his antics, the Grey then cackles like a madman because he won. Needless to say, African Grey parrots are very intelligent and mischievous.

Our African Grey, Jasper is no exception to this rule. She calls for SH and I in her best imitation of the girl’s voices. It is not uncommon to hear an innocent sounding “Mommy?” in the late evening. It confused my mom while she was here helping me with the new baby, sending her looking for the child that must have climbed out of bed. By the end of the week, Jasper was even calling for “Grandma”. We often have a chuckle or two about the things Jasper will say and do. One of our favorites, I must admit, is the belch. She also imitates the microwave, me chopping vegetables, and the answering machine. If the phone rings a few times it is not uncommon for Jasper to jump in with a “hello” or two.

As much fun as Jasper can be, I must admit that her newest imitation, while not unexpected, completely drives me insane. She has started crying like Princess Peanut. Ugh! It isn’t too bad when the baby is in her cradle in my room, or if I am holding her, but I do have the baby swing in the same room as Jasper. It is in our main family room, and if the baby is in the swing, sleeping away, Jasper finds it amusing to start crying. I know she does it for the response she gets from me, I come into the room and I admit that I glare at her… I should only have to deal with one baby!



February 29, 2008

I know that ya’ll are probably sick of seeing pictures of us up at the Animal Sanctuary, but we go there often enough that some of our favorite family moments happen up there. Thus, you get to see more pictures of my girls holding animals.

Everyone meet Ella. She is probably one of the sweetest birds up at the sanctuary. She is often taken to schools and such as an educational bird because she is so willing to let anyone hold and pet her. She has no fear of children, which is pretty rare for a bird. Even my Tiki is afraid of the girls to some extent.

The first to hold Ella was M. She loves all things animals, so when one of the workers up there offered to let her hold a bird, she jumped right in.

M and Ella

Next came her younger sister. L was a bit more reserved in her excitement. Ella has “scratchy” nails apparently.

Holding Ella 01

I think though that my favorite picture of the day was when L was finally comfortable holding Ella, and M came over to pet her. They were both just enjoying themselves so much.

holding Ella

Ella was so patient with my girls. She never once seemed afraid or even close to nipping them. M says that she wants to adopt Ella. Sorry little one, we already have two birds, we are NOT getting a third! No matter how adorable she is.

Now, wasn’t that trip to see the animals fun? Hey, at least I am posting again right?



February 6, 2008

No matter how much I love my golden retriever Copper, I must admit that he is completely insane. Seriously. He is the best dog though. Copper doesn’t bark, he is always happy to see us, and he just plain listens and responds when we call him.

The insane part though is what is called his ball drive. Copper loves to play fetch. No, loves is not a strong enough word. Throw a stick and you are his best friend in the world. Throw a ball however, and you have been raised to the status of icon in his eyes. We don’t have to throw it far to have his giant wagging tail going full bore as he crashes into the wall in his excitement to find the object you threw for him.

While this is fun at times, it has gotten out of hand! He will bring a ball to you at all hours of the day, the only thing I can do sometimes is ignore him. If I am sitting on the couch, he will plop a slobbery ball right in my lap. If I ignore this, he will push the ball with his nose till it is in my hand. If I ignore him still and get up out of my seat for a moment, I will have a ball waiting for me right in the middle of the seat when I get back. If I take away a ball, put it high up so he can’t get it, there will always be another one found in the house. There is always another ball.

When chasing something, the rest of the world does not exist. My children could be standing right in front of him when a ball is thrown, and suddenly the girls are flat on their back because he ran full boar into them. All that exists is the ball.

Last night though, SH and I were sitting on the couch when Mr. Ball drive came over begging to play. SH made the statement that Copper would chase anything we threw for him and I decided that we should test that theory. We threw small boxes, balls, even a shoe. Each were returned by a very proud dog. The best one though was when we rolled up a small piece of string and threw it. We laughed so hard when the big lug came back with the string hanging out of his mouth.

My favorite all time Copper moment though came while we were up in the mountains cutting down our Christmas tree. There was about three feet of snow on the ground when I threw a snowball for Copper. He sniffed and hunted for that “ball” for ten minutes before I felt bad for him and called him back. I wonder if he still dreams of the one that got away.