Family Photos

July 16, 2012

It has been a very long time since we have taken any kind of family photo’s. Dave’s new job has given us that reason, he wanted new pictures for his office at work. It has  been so long since he has had an office away from home, and he has a huge gorgeous bookshelf that is totally empty. It needed some love. So, Timber helped us take the family photo while Dave and I took the others. They are awesome and we wanted to share. Here ya go:


The Fam. I still can’t believe how grown up my girls are getting!

ImageMichelle has chosen to start going by “Shell”. She loves and I mean LOVES to read (big surprise there), she is writing a book, and loves to play with dragons. She also turns 12 in a little over a month! Watch out world! This amazing girl is comin’ your way!


Lisa is my 9 year old who loves everything fashon and sparkly. She loves hair bows and necklaces, beads and finger nail polish. If it is girly and pretty, that’s what Lisa wants. She chooses to wear a dress every day of her life, they are pretty! I had to stop her from wearing the super fancy church dresses to school though, too many grass stains!


Melody… my fantastic 4 year old girl. I love that she hugs me all day, kisses me, and loves to play with me. Some of my favorite things to hear are “Mommy! Come play ponies! Mine is named Rosa Melody!” She loves to play pretend, her characters go from a baby kitten and baby dragon to a beautiful princess. She is so much fun!


My baby girl Lily. Who is not such a baby as she is less than two weeks from her 2nd birthday! She loves her papa. Like the biggest Daddy adict we have had thus far. If he is in the house, she is close by. If he has to close a door to change or anything, she is outside the door pounding to be let in. I am a suitable substitute, but only until he walks in the door. From that moment until bed time, she is with Papa.

Lily also loves to dance. They are hilarious and I will have to post one soon, because she honestly keeps us laughing all the time.

I love my family!!!



  1. Beautiful!

  2. Love this! What a happy, wonderful family!

  3. That’s so weird. I coulda swore I commented on this already.

    But, Those photos turned out awesome!!! 😀 I think it’s awesome how Jaedin/Shell, Jenacy/Lisa, and Wesley/Lily’s personalities all match up so alike! I wish we lived closer!!!

  4. SO beautiful! I love those photos so much!

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