Real Mom’s…

March 21, 2007

I have to say that when Alyson tagged me, I was elated!  It is my first tag ever!  Now, before all of you realize how pathetic that sounds, I will move on. 🙂

 Real Mom’s finish what the kids start.  My kids wanted to build a sand castle, but lost interest in about five minutes.  Therefore, I had to step in and finish it for them.  Isn’t it brilliant?

Real Mom’s

Now it is my turn.  I tag Timber, Heather, Julia, and Karen. 🙂 have fun girls!  I actually liked this one.


  1. hmmm, this is going to take me a while…

  2. fun idea 🙂 I’ll get too it soon – I promise

  3. […] Filed under Parenting, Meme, Children Gee, I got tagged by two different people on this one April and Sariah in Vancouver- makes me feel special.  Garsh! 🙂  […]

  4. Hey, I just found out I was tagged, so I did a post on my photography blog.

  5. Too true–and looks like fun, too!

  6. Looks like fun!! I’ll get one up. It might take a little while. I don’t think I’ve got any photos that I’m actually in (I’m always the one behind the camera!)

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